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Simmental and Simm/Angus
J. Paul Abrams
404 5th Ave. S.E. • High River, AB • T1V 1H8
Business Phone: 403.899.1626
Home Phone: 403.652.1502
At Outback our herd is made up of closely related productive cow families that have allowed us to produce genetically consistent offspring each year. As we raise our cows very much like our commercial customers, the herd has evolved into a very hardy and easy keeping group of females. In these times of lower cattle prices and higher input costs, cows with the ability to out produce themselves is essential. The cows are bred for maternal strength, longevity and to be feminine.

Our cows remain on native grass or stubble fields (mother nature permitting) until January when they begin to calve. All cows are synchronized bred to industry leading A.I. sires that express multi-use traits and will calve out in less than 40 days.  Only A.I.’d sired females are put back into the herd and all other cattle are sold commercially.  The herd will graze through the summer until September when the calves are weaned. Bull calves are put on feed for the bull sale and replacement females are returned to pasture with a couple of baby-sitting cows until December. Replacement females receive only good quality hay and a protein supplement as no grain is fed during their development.

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